Derek 'DJA' Allen

producer & engineer, has worked with Diplo, Riff Raff, Lil Wayne, Tinie Tempa, 2 Chainz, Wale +more


Flosstradamus - Rebound (co-prod)

Riff Raff Neon Icon LP (engineering)

Riff Raff - Jody 3 Moons (prod)

Riff Raff - Maybe You Love Me (prod)

Riff Raff - Time (prod)

Riff Raff - VIP Pass to your Heart (prod)

Riff Raff - 2 girls 1 pipe (prod)

Dirt Nasty x DJA - To The Face (prod)

Lavish Kingdom (mastering)


riff raff - you know who i am (prod)

kool ad - trippy gurl (prod)

tinie tempa ft 2chainz - trampoline (co-prod)

tamar braxton - 1one1 fun (co-prod)

2chainz ft fergie - netflix (co-prod)

rittz ft tech9 - bloody murdah (prod)

usher - go missin (co-prod)

wale ft travis porter - one eyed kitten (co-prod)

dirt nasty - is it all a dream (prod)

dirt nasty - twisted ballin pussy toast (prod)

snow tha product - where we are (prod)

dirty j - blunts upon a time EP (prod)

dirty j ft boy fuller - we aint on the same page (prod)

derek allen - another day in paradise (cover)


skizzy mars - sideways (prod)

cherie lily - total body workout (prod)

johnny spanish - on the shelf (prod)

riff raff - rookie of the year 2013 (prod)

riff raff - terror wrist (prod)

hesta prynn - we could fall in love (prod)

travis porter - wobble (co-prod) (prod)

xv - bang bang (prod)

pheo - wave up (prod)

lil twist ft lil wayne & chris brown - flowerz (co-prod)

the airplane boys - beau monde (prod)

three loco ft diplo - we are farmers (prod)

three loco - morphine popsicles (prod)

derek allen - 1979 (cover) (prod)

derek allen - whats love got to do with it (cover) (prod)

blood bros 3 - back in america

yelawolf - daddys lambo (derek allen remix) (prod)


toadally krossed out - two song arizona EP (jeffree's) 

pheo - california sex EP (jeffree's) (prod)

shannell - just for the night (prod)

shannell - these hoes ft too short (prod)

derek allen - dja EP (mad decent) (prod)

lil wayne - two shots (co-prod)

wale - slight work (co-prod)

go dreamer - hi socks (prod)

sinden ft g-side  - g like me (derek allen remix) (prod)

riff raff - rice out (prod)

fki ft iggy azelea - i think she ready (co-prod)

blood bros 2 - heaven2hell

lcdmf - take me to the mountains (derek allen remix) (prod)

black joe lewis - livin in the jungle mixtape (prod)


diplo - summers gonna hurt you (diplo 2010 remix) (prod)

toadally krossed out EP (mad decent) (co-prod)

mansions on the moon - washed out (dja remix) (prod)

hesta prynn - turn it gold (dja remix) (prod)

jasmine solano - thats not it (dja Remix) (prod)

them jeans - balloons (dja Remix) (prod)

the chain gang of 1978 - hold on (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

diplo & don diablo - make you pop (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

blood bros - first blood

glc - fellowship & congregate (prod)

stranger day - jukeboxxx (prod)


major lazer - lazer theme (co-prod)

rich kids - my patna dem (dja remix)

buraka som sistema - ic19 (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

passion pit - little secrets (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

rusko - woo boost (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

fool's gold - surprise hotel (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)


black gold - detroit (dja remix)

of montreal - id engager (dja remix)

telepathe - chrome's on it (dja remix)

cassettes won't listen - paper float (mad decent remix)

Remix for '3OH!3' (Mad Decent Remix)

black gold - detroit (Mad Decent DJA Remix)

amanda blank - shame on me (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

major lazer - hold the line (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

maluca - tigerarso (toadally krossed out remix) (co-prod)

NBA2k9 music


GM Hummer Ad campaign Music Production

Sunny Day Sets Fire - (mad decent remix)

emanuel - scenotaph (dja infected remix)

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